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Question: How do you handle execution of project in another part of the world?
Answer: We have representative in all parts of the world to handle our projects.

Question: How do we invest in FITAFHOUSE?
Answer: You can pick investment form and wire your money to our account on request for the account number of our banks.

Question: How long does it take to finish a project?
Answer: No two projects are the same hence, all project have their peculiarities.

Question: How do we ensure that project in FITAFHOUSE will be delivered to specification?
Answer: You need not to border yourself because best brain around the world are available to our disposal.

Question: Why don’t you have a functional branch in our state?
Answer: At the appropriate time that will be done.

Question: Can we invest other currency besides dollars?
Answer: Ooh yes, the foreign exchange conversion all over the world has made that possible.

Question:  How do we partner with you?
Answer: Very easy all you need is to write us via our email that you want to be our partner. We would then conduct interview for you to be sure you meet all our conditions for partnership.

Question: How much unit of investment can I acquire?
Answer: You can acquire as much as we approve for you once you pick your form for investment, we shall discuss with you confidentially.

Question: When I invest, how long does it take to reap dividend?
Answer: This is possible quarterly, but it also depends on investment window. For example, fund placement maturity depends on you. Also shareholding is a function of the time that the account of the company is rendered usually twice in a year.