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BUSINESS section


BUSINESS Section of FITAFHOUSE is to source business for the company. It is important to know here that without working very hard the mission and vision of the company may be elusive, as we need money so also we need business to invest on , so that we can declare good returns to our investors.

Business Section is saddled with responsibility of appraising all projects brought to them before asking for fund from finance section. It is important among other things that the business section must consider very well the profitability aspect of each project or business.

We therefore invite you to submit your business proposal for evaluation and if successful then it is followed by financing and execution. Under the business section for example we have product like FERE AND FIRI.

FERE implies exporting of finished product to international market for sales and exporting of raw materials to overseas countries for the production of finished goods.

FIRI implies importing of finished product from abroad to our country for salesĀ  and also importing of raw materials to any local factories for the production of finished goods.

You can download our Business Proposal Guidelines form from our website to enable you submit proposal for your project or business.

Also you can download the FERE AND FIRI forms for exports and imports.

You may also want more information concerning our business, please feel free to call us on our phone or visit our site.

Click Here to download our Business Proposal Guidelines form.