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About us

The Company undertakes to uphold honourable and ethical business standards in our relationship with our partners and customers.


FITAFHOUSE is an efficient and effective private company that has been in existence since 26th March, 1984. Ever since, the company has grown from strength to strength. In area of products and services, the company has done well by producing products and services that are in tandem with the name of the company.

FITAFHOUSE is made up of three section namely; FINANCE, BUSINESS AND OPERATION.

The finance section packages and raises fund for the project approved by finance business and operation committee (FBOC). The section undertakes treasury management to enable her achieve her goal.

The business section identifies project, appraise to accept or decline. If is acceptable then it is packaged for financing and execution.
The business section also deals with other products and services which are: EXPORT (FERE)IMPORT (FIRI)

FERE means export of finished products to global market and export of raw materials to factories for the production of finished products.

FIRI means import of finished products for sale and import of raw materials for the use of local factories for the production of finished products.

The operation section carries out all project approved by FBOC with corresponding fund subject to terms and condition of the project.

Our products and services are targeted at private individuals, small and medium enterprises. For double assurance, we give performance bond for every job given to us to execute. In the cause of our existence, we have won award of excellence from some group of importers and exporters as a token of their appreciation to us for keeping to our word and maintaining integrity in conducting our business.

The fear of unknown has been conquered and we are soaring higher on our initiatives to drive FITAFHOUSE to an enviable position. The company has reliable board of directors and management that can stand tall in the midst of our competitors. We shall continue to keep to our mandate not to derail from objective of being the pride of all nations. What has helped us so far is our total trust in God, dint of hard work, determination to succeed, total commitment and dedication to our vision and mission. At the time of our challenges, our bank encourages us and stands firm behind us to weather the storm together believing that we are on the right path and that our latter days will be better than our former if we don’t give up. 

Also, our staff and customers have been our strength and our success story will not be complete without them. Our source of finance is from our balance sheet, angel investors, overdraft from bank and occasional grant from the government. 
We welcome you to FITAFHOUSE, the pride of all nations.
Dr. M. A. Aladelusi